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What is warts and how does it happen?

Warts are benign, non-cancerous skin growths that are found on the body. They are a type of skin cancer. Warts appear on the skin in two main forms: pigmented (purple) and white. A warty warts is not considered a cancer. The only time warts may become cancer is if they get in the eye, mouth or nose. But even though there are many warts, only 1 in 100 people will be diagnosed as having warts. Most warts don't cause problems and usually disappear within a few weeks.

What is a warts removal cream?

Warts removal creams are made with a variety of ingredients to prevent warts from forming. Some of the ingredients include ingredients that help the skin heal itself or prevent it from getting infected. They also have a variety of methods of removing warts. In this section, you can find out what types of warts removal creams are available.

A wart removal cream may be made of many different ingredients. They may also contain preservatives. It is possible to use several different wart removal creams in the same bottle.

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