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I can't stress this enough: stress can actually do lasting damage, and is likely to be more damaging than just a little stress. This is because your immune system can't handle the levels of stress you put on it, and you will not heal. You will continue to get sick, feel tired, become lethargic, irritable, depressed, and most importantly, you will suffer from the physical health effects of that stress. A person who has had to go through serious stress and have that stress manifest in health problems like heart attack, cancer, or arthritis, will know the pain of such conditions. It is an insult to their body and soul. You have a much higher chance of getting heart disease if you are depressed or have a health condition that is not under control. When I was a kid, I got pneumonia when I went to a party, and my father was the head of the hospital. I had just lost my father to a cancer of the heart, and he told me to do it. I tried it, and I did not survive. I didn't do it because I was weak, I did it because I knew it was wrong. The only thing I needed was to get the heart out of my body.

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