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How do I buy sex hormones?

You can buy hormones online in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

If you don't live in the USA, USA sales and distribution is handled by The Herbal Express and is completely independent from the company you purchase them from. I have used The Herbal Express for years to purchase sex hormones from a variety of different vendors. I will be using it again when I am buying sex hormones online from the US and Canada.

I have heard that some people think that purchasing hormones is illegal, but the FDA regulates hormones, including hormone replacement. How can I protect my health?

This is a common concern. I think the FDA is a good idea. The FDA is not a government agency. The FDA can't regulate the products you buy, only the drugs you are prescribed to take and the services you receive.

I have been on testosterone for nearly a year and I have not had any significant side effects. Will I be able to get my period after this?

You have likely already heard the term "tourette's" used to describe a side effect of testosterone. This is not true. You should not get "tourette's" after starting testosterone.

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