2nd International Workshop on Intelligent Operating Rooms (iOR’16)

ReHIS 2016 : The 3rd International Workshop Reliability of eHealth Information Systems

3rd International Workshop on Secure and Privacy-Aware Information Management in eHealth

The 1st International Workshop on Emerging Technologies for Pervasive Healthcare and Applications (ETPHA 2016)

SOCIALHEALTH 2016 – International Workshop on  Social Computing in Digital Health

The 4th International Workshop on Service Science for e-Health (SSH 2016)

1st International Workshop on Open Platforms in the Field of Independent Living and Active Ageing

WWRF Workshop “Setting the Scene for the 5G-enabled Health Ecosystem”

  • WWRF Workshop Programme
  • Workshop Chair:
    • Christos Politis, Kingston University, UK
  • Workshop Co-Chairs:
    • Konstantinos Danas, Kingston University, UK
    • Bin Zhen, Huawei, China

5G-PPP Phase 3 Preparation Workshop for Healthcare

  • 5G-PPP Workshop Programme
  • Workshop Chairs:
    • Halid Hrasnica, Eurescom GmbH
    • Christoph Thuemmler, Edinburgh Napier University
    • Jeansebastien Bedo, Orange